Yoga Mat and Straps

yoga WEllness

The original intention of yoga was to gain mastery over your mind and obtain optimal functioning of your entire psychophysiological system.

Yoga is a tool for self-regulation, effective stress management, and developing resiliency.

While you may have a mental image of yoga mats and contoured body poses, yoga is not about sitting, meditating, chanting, and attempting to place your inflexible body in contoured positions. Yoga is a full body workout that not only does a body good, it has many health benefits and enhances your emotional wellness and mental resiliency.

Yoga can be intimidating just like any other new form of exercise but with effort, patience, and practice you will become confident.

Do not be intimidated by yoga poses or deterred by the yoga pant/yoga mat crowd appearing to be masters entering class – as yoga is for everyone and an excellent complement to any fitness and mental health regimen. The basics of yoga allows you to achieve conscious control over your unconscious nervous system, and puts it to work for you. It helps you regulate and recover from the daily demands of life and manage manage daily stressors to prevent a build up of them. In essence, understand what your body needs, listen to it, and apply the tools necessary to manage.

Yoga helps you process stress in a manner that leads to growth and to build mental and physical resilience.

For many of us, we internalize how we feel and that manifests in our bodies. This internalization affects our mind and everyday life. Yoga allows us to release mental and physical tension and is an excellent form of exercise. The practice of yoga builds strength, flexibility, balance, and stability while creating a deeper connection with ourselves

Gaining awareness and a sense of understanding of how our body works is critical to our physical and psychological health.

Misty offers individual and group yoga sessions. Each session is trauma-sensitive designed. Yoga is a tool for healing and empowering people and to help clients have a heightened sense of body awareness, embodiment, choice, and empowerment. It can help calm the mind and allow people to regain safety in their own bodies.