Frequently Asked Questions
Life Coaching vs. Therapy

Societal change has taken place and we are now in an era that rejects the idea that all issues are illness or in need of a pill. We are shifting to a desire for wellness, wholeness, and purposeful living. We want individualized attention; we want our professionals to listen to us; we want them to use the knowledge and abilities to provide the care that their years of advanced education should be able to give us without being constrained.

Unfortunately, many professions, including clinical psychology, adopted the medical model, which sees the client as being ill and with a diagnosis in need of treatment or symptom relief. While there are clearly some serious mental illnesses that benefit from clinical psychology or skillful psychotherapy, many people are labeled and then treated for normal responses to situations or circumstances that do not need a diagnosis of mental illness. Furthermore, many clinicians are prevented from truly providing the necessary mental health treatment due to our corporate managed health care system whose main concern is financial profit.


Psychotherapy and counseling can treat diagnosable illnesses and, for some people, may be effective. Long-term therapy, where the benefits of a relationship in which change, and insight occur over time are generally not supported in the managed health care system. Today, counselors and therapists are forced to accept reduced insurance payments or are no longer accepting insurance for their services yet continue to be bound by many health insurance-controlled regulations. Psychologists are now receiving prescription privileges for psychotropic drugs, moving psychology further into the medical area. This has caused significant issue in the healthcare and mental health realm. It is difficult in many areas of our country to find a therapist who both accepts insurance and is taking new patients. Further, many professionals are so busy that the patient ends up feeling like a number and a significant amount of people fall through the cracks of a broken system or even worse, end up being misdiagnosed.


Society is ready for a change, the future is here now, where a life coaching relationship creates a better life, not to fix or get over a past - and certainly not to receive a diagnosis for trying to make yourself and your life better. Life coaching is the new option to help yourself be the person you want to be. Life coaching allows you to have individualized attention to feel heard and listened to. The coaching relationship is a shift to a desire for wellness, wholeness, and purposeful living.