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Our Unsung Heroes

These individuals who work in this field experience repeated exposure to trauma, loss, death and devastation, and are unique majestic humans.


First responders experience dynamic situations unique to their employment. Examples include law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics and emergency medical technicians, rescue teams, dispatchers, hospital staff, and military.


These professions are inherently stressful as they are exposed to emotionally demanding situations, trauma, loss, death and devastation on a daily, if not hourly basis. First responders provide services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year and often experience more trauma in one shift than most people experience in their life.


Each individual is expected to be ready to serve while under the scrutiny of the public yet remain normal and socially adaptive on and off duty. First responders have enough difficulty coping with an astonishing quantity, intensity, and frequency of stressors while at the same time trying to create a life in balance. The stress of the job is compounded by the fact that many first responders find it hard to speak about the horrific circumstances of the situations they experience with those close to them, let alone discuss it with people who understand those incidents.

Misty’s background in law enforcement and EMS places her in a unique role with coaching first responders as she can relate to their experiences first hand. Her real life experience provides first responders with a safe environment to discuss by utilizing various modalities including developed skills, techniques, and strategies from her doctorate level education as well as her own background as a first responder.

Misty uses a whole person coaching approach with an additional focus placed on the inter-relatedness of all aspects of the life of a first responder and she uses trauma-informed approaches to develop emotional wellness and mental resilience to work-related stressors tailored to your profession.

Misty is excited to bring First Responder Yoga to Modesto, it is a tool to help process work-related stress to help reduce; development of negative coping skills, various injuries, compassion fatigue, burn-out, leaving the job early due to disability, or premature retirement. This form of yoga reduces hypervigilance and prevent exhaustion. It is a proactive form of exercise for strengthening mental and physical resilience and can be used to help enhance performance for first responders.

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