What Makes Misty an Ideal Resiliency Coach?

Dr. Misty Getrich focuses on living life with wellness, in wholeness, and with purpose. She believes that not all issues are illnesses requiring formal diagnoses and that people can help themselves without needing a pill.

  • I am human. I am authentic. I am genuine. I am born to be a life coach. I am extremely passionate about people and those whom I serve.

  • I have often been referred to as “an old soul”; I carry with me real-life, work experiences, and happen to be educated with a Doctor of Psychology.

  • I am naturally motivational and optimistic, yet also a realist and enjoy the role of playing devil’s advocate.

  • I am a skillful listener with genuine empathy and compassion.

  • I am open-minded, suspend judgment, and seek the truth.

  • I believe in the brilliance and potential for greatness in all people.

  • I seek personal growth and know vulnerability is a big source of that. I constantly seek my own personal improvement and development and will not suggest anything that I have not utilized myself or would use.

  • There is a distinction and balance between being and doing – I appreciate the difference and can help you learn the same.

  • I have a life and a business too.

  • I have a gift for re-framing; seeking solutions and thinking of possibilities instead of dwelling on problems and causes.

  • I see our relationship as a collaboration and partnership, which allows the “expert” role to be shed.

  • I am comfortable with not having all the answers, and am willing to say, “I don’t know” and explore where and how to learn what might be lacking.

  • I take pride in my self-improvement to better serve through education, trainings, and new approaches to help clients.

  • Most importantly, I respect confidentiality and am ethical.