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Types of Coaching
Individual Coaching

Coaching to equip and empower and focused on you as a healthy, whole person who needs support in life's challenges ranging from professional and personal issues.


Areas of focus can include:

Stress management

Trauma and abuse

Grief, loss, and bereavement

Life transitions

Lifestyle management

Professional and educational goals

Social and interpersonal relationships

Health and wellness

Self-awareness and self-acceptance

First Responder Coaching

A specialty form of coaching designed for individuals who are first responders or who have worked in the profession.


First responders are individuals working in professions with repeated exposure to trauma, loss, death, and devastation causing them to frequently suffer from extreme levels of stress.


An additional focus is placed on balance in the life as a first responder as well as approaches specific to their employment in order to develop emotional wellness and mental resiliency to work-related stressors.

Trauma Coaching

A specialty form of coaching that focuses on individuals whose work involves trauma or those who have been exposed to trauma in other areas of their life.


An additional focus is placed on trauma-informed approaches for symptom reduction and development of  emotional wellness and mental resiliency.

The coaching environment seeks to provide support to move towards mastery of your particular situation; to find and learn ways to manage and to practice coping tools and new skillsets to help you move towards a life that you want. To learn to function and to create perhaps a calmer, more peaceful and enriched life.

I use various coaching delivery methods guided by the client’s needs and wants. My emphasis is on resiliency, wellness, and whole person coaching to promote an overall well-being of contentment, vivacity, balance, and success.

Couples Coaching

The focus of couples coaching is to help one or both partners in a relationship to improve in areas such as communication, personal growth, understanding each other, or responding to needs better.

In coaching, you set your relationship goals to get the results you desire for the future and take action to change your life and your relationship.


Couples coaching is more about assessing and adapting your habits in the present so you can get results you want in the future – whether that’s fixing something in the short term or working towards something big over the long term.  

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