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Foundations of Resilience

There are five foundations of resilience and they affect each other. We may be naturally more resilient in one area than another. However, we will have low resilience if we allow our energy or internal battery to become drained in another area. The one area that drains us the most is EMOTIONAL. It’s the feeling of frustration, impatience, anger, sadness and so on that we often do not pay attention to and that adds up to big drains at the end of the day. Even just a few moments of being angry can set off chemical reactions in our bodies that last many hours and disrupts our ability to focus and get good quality sleep.

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The more intelligently you manage our energy expenditures and recharge our inner battery, the more energy you have and the more resilient you are. 


Become more aware of the stressors (even the subtle ones), the emotions and attitude responses, how they impact you, and what you do about them now. I.e. disagreeing with a family member can invoke blame and anger that can cause an argument and resentment leading to avoidance of that person you love.


Then let’s look at ways to recharge ourselves. A sense of renewal often comes from experiencing emotions and attitudes we want more in our lives. I.e. a family member validates how we feel or we validate how he/she feels invoking love and appreciation and a feeling of connection and support.


Calling upon renewing emotions adds energy to our inner battery.

Examples of renewing emotions to help recharge:

•Courage, honor, dignity


•Appreciation, gratitude


•Care, love


•Tolerance, patience

•Enthusiasm, joy

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