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Why resilience coaching?

Transparency develops trust and security.

Expectations and accountability - the seeds to change

                                                                  ~Misty Getrich

You are unique

I see you as whole, brilliant, and healthy (even though you may not be living that way).

My focus is person-centered, on you as a whole-person – all of you – all aspects of your life. I see your strengths (and your flaws) and seek to help you embrace all your characteristics.

Possibilities are limitless as you direct the agenda including your genuine wants and boundless dreams.

Misty Staircase

We journey together

We are partners, co-creators in this process. I am responsible for the process and you are responsible for the results.  I will stand with you, help you through challenges in order to obtain victories, and hold you accountable.

Honesty is key. I will be direct, tactfully speak the truth without judgment, and seek to provide a safe environment where you can be candid and not conceal the truth.

You will have emotional highs and lows. These are normal and part of the process. You will learn that our partnership can sometimes be a love/hate one especially when you embrace the pain in order to experience the joy.

The focus is on the present with an emphasis on how to have a more desirable future. This process is transformational; reinforces the reality of possibility to attain your goals, achieve desires, and create personal fulfillment or more simply put to start feeling better, enjoy life and cultivate happiness.

The environment is a safe place in which you can grow - creating optimism to see new opportunities, faith in your ability to implement effective change, and the courage to move into the future and take steps toward the life of your dreams.

Imagine the future

Beauty in Nature
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