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Services and Packages


If you found this page, you are exploring the opportunity to make a change.

Wanting to improve or shift in a specific area of your life is a great thing to desire. This does not have to be motivated by being overwhelmed or completely stressed out. While those motivations are valid, sometimes we are at a place where things just feel off balance. We know we aren’t content and we can’t pinpoint why.

Next Step

Working with me involves addressing the source of the issue you are wanting to resolve. I have found that although we desire change we can be misled as to how we can help ourselves. Many approaches cause us to be more disconnected to ourselves and the solution. True change happens when you get to the source.


This is the foundation for changing your entire life.

Service Options
Individual Sessions

Whether you are looking for something weekly, bi-weekly, or periodic check ins, individual sessions are a great way to have consistent support.

Reset & Refocus

Sometimes all we need is a check in to remind us of our goals and help to reset us. A one-time 90 minute appointment offers the perfect support.

Discover & Explore

This is a 6-week commitment to discover and explore an area of your life that needs specific attention. This is often the first step toward a larger goal.

Relax & Recharge

Do you ever dream of a space where there are no distractions and the sole purpose of your time is to allow your body to relax and just be?

Cultivate & Balance

A 12-week program requiring a mutual commitment to focus on where you would like to be and offers support during the process of getting there.

Program Development

Programs are available for all groups and organizations wanting to increase the knowledge of their employees in all areas of mental wellness and resilience.

The How

I utilize an integrative whole person approach emphasizing the inter-relatedness of all aspects of life to promote overall well being of contentment, vivacity, and balance. A wide variety of topics may be covered while discovering your needs, desires, capabilities, possibilities, motivations, beliefs, values, and identity.


Areas of focus may be lifestyle and stress management; professional and educational goals, life transitions; grief and loss, interpersonal relationships and communication; health and wellness; self-awareness and self-acceptance; nervous system restoration and regulation; building resilience skills for life; amongst many other areas.

Image by Joshua Harris
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