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Relax and Recharge

An Hour to

Relax & Recharge

Allowing your mind and body to just be in the ultimate space of comfort and relaxation.

Real Self-Care - A time to reconnect and take care of yourself. 

Check in to gain clarity about areas in your life that are depleting you and learning ways to recharge yourself.

Time to focus on deriving meaning and have your actions be congruent with your values. 

Practice techniques to bring your nervous system into a balanced stated called coherence.

An option to use Biofeedback technology for real-time, visible evidence to aid in shifting to coherence.

Mindful movement and stillness to reset your nervous system.

Breath work and guided imagery tailored to clients needs.

Ending with a comfortable space to relax and rest with props and music therapy to enhance the calming experience to help feel recharged and rejuvenated to tackle the rest of your day.

Invest in Yourself
Image by Joshua Harris
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