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Cultivate and Balance

Twelve Weeks to

Cultivate & Balance

By choosing to make a twelve week commitment to yourself, you will receive:

An initial one hour and 30 minute session to create an individualized plan.

9 weekly, 1-hour coaching sessions tailored to and based on your needs. (The first 7 sessions will be weekly sessions, then bi-weekly for the remaining 2 sessions). 

Explore deeper into patterns and beliefs that are hindering your ability to grow and thrive.

Gain awareness and a sense of understanding into the areas you are wanting to work on in your life.

Get clarity in your values and priorities

Explore the “why” to areas in your life you are wanting to improve.

Learn the “how” to help yourself through effective science-based tools and techniques.

Discover and explore more about how you function and get yourself to work for you rather than against you to achieve the life you desire.

Education in areas needed to support and develop effective change.

A place of safety to honor your thoughts and feelings.

Accountability to ensure you stay on track towards your goals.

Assured support as needed through text or email.

Dedicated realistic self-care time guidance.

Body-based techniques to support your journey.

Action challenges to propel you forward and foster growth.

A preventative and proactive approach to your health and well-being.

Personalized suggestions of books, articles, podcasts, etc. to inspire and enrich your personal journey.

Invest in Yourself
Image by Joshua Harris
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