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Above the Clouds

Pause and Pay attention

Neuroscience shows that taking small breaks, even for seconds, allows us to release stress and increase productivity.


So let's look at ways those breaks can be included as part of usual daily activities.


There is so much time in your day that we do not utilize to help ourselves.


pumping Gas

While pumping gas…count how many breaths you take until your tank is full.

Washing Hands

Hand washing

While washing your hands…notice your senses; the sensation on your skin, the temperature of the water, and any sounds and smells.

stop light.jpg

Stop Lights

While sitting at a stop light…hum or sing a song.

Here are a few ideas:

Eating Time


While eating, allow yourself to pause in between bites to take a breath and acknowledge what the food tastes like. Repeat this 3 - 5 times during your meal.



When checking messages…pause after reading and take a deep breath before replying.

Standing in Line.jpg

Waiting in Line

While waiting in line…look around and notice ten unique items you see and describe them in your mind.

At random times in the day, ask yourself, “Am I breathing?”

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