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Invest in Yourself

You are an important commodity worthy of investment.

Resilience Coaching

What is this approach and how can it help?


Misty is a balance of experience and education.

Types of

Misty uses body-based techniques tailored to each individual.

Yoga Wellness

An integrative whole body approach to wellness.

Be Balanced

Hello, I look forward to meeting you! I am Dr. Misty Getrich aka Misty. Life in Balance was created with fire in my soul and grace in my heart. My desire is to help people to develop resiliency and to find restorative balance in their lives.

I have many goals to achieve something greater than myself to make this world better when I leave it. My passion is to come alongside people to help them find what is already in them. My Doctor of Psychology degree along with my therapy experience, my training in multiple body-based techniques (read more here), and real-life working backgrounds allow for a unique approach when accessing the overall goals of each individual person.


Resilience coaching is a powerful professional relationship designed to equip and empower. It is a collaborative process to meet you where you are and help you achieve the life you desire. I recognize your brilliance and personal power to discover your own solutions when provided with support and accountability.

We are in an era that rejects the idea that all issues are illness or in need of a pill. We have a desire for wellness, wholeness, and purposeful living. As you seek to create a better life, not to fix or simply get over your past, I will give you individualized attention; I will listen to you; I will use my knowledge and abilities to provide you the care that my years of advanced education are able to give.


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